Cultural Tours

During the cultural tours (4 to 14 days) you will observe how the people have lived through the ages, the picturesque hamlets, the innocent curiosity, simplicity and the warm hospitality of the people so easily endearing, taking you back in time and leaving a lasting impression on your mind.


During these tours, you will visit the sights exclusive to Bhutan : the elegantly imposing and yet unique architecture of the impressive Dzongs (fortresses without any blue prints or any iron nails); The awe inspiring Taktshang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery perched precariously on a steep precipitous cliff where the legendary tantric saint Guru Rimpochey is believed to have flown on a back of a tigress and mediated there; the ancient twin monastries, the Kyichu and Jamphel Lhakhangs from where Buddhism spread its wings to other parts of the Kingdom.

Central Bhutan Tour

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Bhutan Window Tour

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Western Bhutan Tour

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