Traditional hotels, cottages and guest houses approved by the Department of Tourism are usually comfortable with hot and cold running water, electricity and sometimes room telephones though international calls may be via reception. There are a few luxury hotels but these do not come cheap. We place our guests in the best hotels in and around the country. Following are the list of accommodation locations that are recommended for our guests:


  1. Hotel Riverview
  2. Wangchuk Hotel
  3. Hotel Jhomolhari
  4. Hotel Motithang
  5. Yeedzin Guest House
  6. Hotel Taj Tashi (Luxury – upon extra budget)
  7. Wangchuk Resort
  8. Hotel Druk
  9. Amankora resort (Luxury – upon extra budget)


  1. Olathang hotel
  2. Dechen Cottages
  3. Kyichu Resorts
  4. Tiger Nest Resorts
  5. Hotel Gangtey Palace
  6. Hotel Holiday Home
  7. Amankora resort (Luxury – upon extra budget)
  8. Uma Paro Resort (Luxury – upon extra budget)
  9. Zhiwaling Hotel (Luxury – upon extra budget)


  1. Yangkhil Resort


  1. Meri Puensum Resort
  2. Hotel Zangto Pelri
  3. Amankora resort (Luxury – upon extra budget)


  1. Dragon Nest Resort
  2. Kichu Resort
  3. Dewachen Hotel (Phobjikha valley) (Luxury – upon extra budget)
  4. Dechen Cottages
  5. YT Hotel
  6. Amankora resort (Phobjikha valley) (Luxury – upon extra budget)


  1. Shongar Lodge
  2. Hotel Wangchuk



  1. Yangphel Hotel
  2. Swiss Guest House
  3. Mountain Lodge
  4. Mipham Guest House
  5. River Lodge
  6. Amankora resort (Luxury – upon extra budget)


  1. Central Hotel
  2. Hotel Druk


  1. Deothjung Hotel
  2. Kelling Hotel

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